Primitive Decorating Ideas

The prim world has all sorts of people, just like anywhere else. Some are looking for primitive Christmas items and others are looking for primitive Valentines items. So I just never know what will bring people here.

Today I would like to get you ahead and get you ready for Halloween. Seems like I am always running short of inventory, so I am trying to put some things in early. You would be wise to get some while the selection is good!

As always these items are always changing, so they may be sold before you get there. If you have special requests or just missed an item that you really wanted Contact Me and I may be able to help you.

First, and new for this year, are Primitive Grungy Witch Potion Bottles.

Primitive witch potion bottles

grungy prim halloween witch potion bottles

Since these are new this year, I am still working on the sets. As of now you may get 3 or 4. And they are a little different so be sure to read the description on the item you are purchasing. They are made with muslin and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. They have been painted black and grunged in my special solution to make them look and smell “Oh so prim”! You may see Lizard Toes, Snake Juice, Frogs Breath, and Spider Legs! All important ingredients, but hardly interchangeable!

And here is a Spooky Witch that can be a shelf sitter, bowl filler or hang it anywhere.

primitive spooky witch

This Spooky, Grungy Primitive Witch is not for the faint of heart!

She has been made from muslin fabric, stuffed with polyester fiberfill and painted with black craft paint.  Antique white hair has been needle felted and she comes complete with a cheesecloth cape, a broom, and a jingle bell on her witch hat.  I have used black craft beads for the eyes and embroidered the eyebrows and mouth.  I’ve blushed her cheeks using some red craft paint.  A rusty wire has been tied around the witch to secure the broom.  This witch has also been lightly sanded to give her that prim spooky look!  A prim hang tag is included which says, “Spooky Halloween”.

Primitive Hang Tags.

prim hang tags

Primitive Halloween Hang Tags Vintage Altered Art

I have been busy making all different kinds of hang tags. Make sure that you visit My eBay Store to see them all! Here is a short list of some things that you can do with them:

  • Dress up your primitive dolls
  • Tie on goodie bags, fixins bags, etc
  • Use with scrapbooking projects
  • Hang on wreaths, holiday trees, swags

And I am sure that you can come up with many more!

Nothing says Halloween quite like candy corn, and I have got you covered!

prim vintage grungy candy corn

I have several different varieties so be sure to check them all out before you decide. Most were started with a muslin fabric that has been machine stitched and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. I then applied craft paint in colors of orange, mustard yellow and antique white and then a good dark grunging solution of coffee, vanilla and cinnamon to each candy corn and oven baked them to prim perfection.

Some have a rusty safety pin and jingle bell. Lastly, a primitive hang tag may be included. A homespun fabric tie may also be found on the tag. Most smell “Oh so prim” with cinnamon rubbed on them!

Primitive Halloween Spooky Ghosts Ornies Bowl Fillers

primitive halloween ghosts

Perfect for tucking in your cupboards or on a shelf but especially nice to display in bowls, baskets and crocks during the fall & Halloween season. Just make sure that you leave a nightlight on. You wouldn’t want to see one of these in the dark.

Each one of these ghost ornies have been made from warm and natural batting.  After each ghost has been meticulously machine stitched, I have stuffed them full of polyester fiberfill and then they get placed in my special grunging solution with additional cinnamon hand rubbed for added prim fragrance and finally oven baked for that prim perfection!

Black craft paint has been applied to the ghosts eyes and mouth.  I have also painted an outline on the outer edges of each ghost in brown craft paint just to give some added dimension.  Each ghost is different from the next and no two are quite alike.  I have placed a rusty safety pin and jingle bell and a homespun tie on each one and also attached a metal rimmed prim hang tag on one that says “Spooky”.

Primitive Pumpkin Headed Stars ~ Ornies ~ Bowl Fillers~Tucks~ “Pumpkin Thyme”

primitive star pumpkin heads for halloween

Starting with muslin fabric, I machine stitched each pumpkin headed star ornie~bowl filler. After meticulous stitching I then stuffed each one with polyester fiberfill.

I then used craft paint on each pumpkin star with the pumpkin head being painted a dirty orange color and the body painted black.  They get placed in my special grunging solution to make the look old and finally cinnamon gets rubbed on each handmade treasure.  They get a light sanding too to add to the olde thyme look.  I have hand painted the eyes and mouth with black craft paint.  Little rusty stars have been added on the front for buttons and a grungy cheesecloth scarf has been tied around each pumpkin’s neck.

Each pumpkin star measures 6 inches tall and 6 1/2″ in length. Also included is a prim hang tag with your purchase which says “Pumpkin Thyme” and has a little orange pumpkin hand drawn on the tag.

Place these festive little primitive guys in an old wooden bowl, basket or crock. There are so many things you can do with these ornies. Maybe you want to sit them on a shelf or place them in a Halloween wreath. They would be perfect scattered on a table with some greenery underneath.  Perfect for hanging on the Halloween holiday tree too!

Wow, I didn’t realize how many new items that I had for Halloween. There are many more in My eBay Store. Visit it to see them all. You will also see Halloween pillows, prim wheels, Jack O Lanterns,  and pumpkin stars, to name a few.

Hoping that you have a very Prim Halloween!



Primitive Country Folk Art Ornaments

by Margo on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Primitive Country Folk Art Ornaments: Apples and Watermelon Slices

Nothing says primitive country folk art quite like fruit ornaments. And for a limited time we have watermelon slices and apples.


These watermelon slices are in a set of 3. They are hand made with a gingham fabric and “grunged” in my special solution that gives them an old primitive look and smell. They are approximately 5 inches by 5 inches. Also included is a hang tag that has that old primitive look and reads “Watermelon”.


These apples look good enough to eat! They are also in a set of 3. They are hand painted and grunged. Each apple has a real twig as a stem. Each also has a hand painted leaf and a rusty bell attached. There is one hand made primitive tag for the set that reads “Apples”. The apples are about 3 1/2 inches wide by about 5 inches tall. These would look very prim and country in an old wooden bowl.

Primitive Country Folk Art Ornaments: Animals

Another thing that makes for very nice primitive country folk art ornaments are animals. And I have a few, but we will look at sheep, bears and eagles. (Some of my personal favorites).


These were designed and hand made by me. Again, it is a set of 3. They are hand painted on both sides. These prim sheep are about 5 1/2 inches by 4 inches. They were made with a real nice looking osnaburg fabric, grunged and baked. And the set comes with a grunged hang tag that reads “Prim Sheep”.


How about throwing a little “Americana” into the mix. This majestic Eagle will do the trick! These are sold individually. There are many possibilities for decorating with these primitive eagles. They are made with a muslin fabric that is grunged and hand painted. Each eagle is about 6 1/2 inches tall. These would be nice for hanging on your prim tree, placing in an old bowl, or whatever else your primitive mind can come up with! And they look good all year long.


I have saved the best for last. These bears are as cute as a primitive button! This is a set of 2. The larger bear is about 7 inches tall by 4 1/4 inches wide and the smaller bear is about 4 2/3 inches tall by 3 inches wide. These bears have been hand painted and lightly sanded to give them that “vintage” look. They are grunged and smell very nice. They have button eyes, a fabric face, and hand stitching for the nose. Each bear has a rusty safety pin holding a rusty bell on. Also included is a grungy hand tag that reads “Beware of Bears”. They are adorable.

So there you have it. A very good start if you are looking for primitive country folk art ornaments. And if you did not find it here check out the other items in my eBay Store at: Choose Moose Primitive Designs.


Are you ready to show your primitive American Spirit for the holidays? Well they are coming, whether you are ready or not. So let me help you get ready. I have a good selection of Americana Primitives ready to go. I have primitive red, white and blue, just for you!

Primitive Patriotic Sheep

apr18001I just love these primitive patriotic sheep. This is a set of three plus a grungy hang tag that reads “Patriotic Sheep”. They are made of white fleece and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Then the face, hooves, ears, and tail are hand painted. Then a flag was sewn on the front. And then of course they were grunged in my own prim solution that makes them look and smell goooood!

Each sheep has a rusty bell and a rusty safety pin (which you can move if you like).

Another nice thing about these sheep is that they are reversible. So you can show the back side and the flag will not show. It is almost like getting two sheep for the price of one!

Primitive Americana Hearts



A couple of different prim fabrics. These hearts are in sets of 5. Each set has a grungy hang tag that reads “Hearts”. Each prim heart is approximately 4 1/3 inches by 2 2/3 inches. They are processed in my special grunge solution. And they each have a rusty bell attached with a rusty safety pin. Just about anything that your little prim heart desires!

Primitive Americana Flags







Primitive tucks, flatties, shelf sitters, ornies, and bowl fillers, on my!

Quite a selection this holiday season! Show your primitive pride with this large assortment of primitive flags. The largest is a shelf sitter that is about 11 inches by 7 1/2 inches. Olde Glory has never looked so prim!

Button, button, whose got the primitive button? You will if you get these ornies with a prim button hand sewn on each one!

Buy several and mix and match. Let your primitive creative mind run wild.

Primitive Firecrackers




These primitive Americana firecrackers are made of solid wood. They have been hand painted by me in a couple of different styles. Then they were lightly sanded to give them that prim look that we all love. A piece  of jute was used for a “fuse”.  I had a primitive blast making these!

Primitive Stars




Nothing says Americana Primitive like stars! I have an assortment of fabrics hand sewn into stars with buttons, bells and hang tags. You should be able to find one that satisfies you.

Primitive Patriotic Pinwheels and Pokes




I love these primitive pinwheels. They are hand made by me and I had a lot of fun making them! They are new this year, but I think that they will be around for a while. Makes you think of a simpler time when children all had a pinwheel! There are a lot of different things that you can do with these. There is a good assortment of fabrics, buttons and bells. Let your prim imagination run wild.

Special Orders

All of these items are available on eBay right now. And of course they may be gone when you get there. So don’t wait. But if they are gone, or perhaps you would like something a little different, don’t hesitate to Contact Me. I may not be able to make what you want, but you never know unless you ask!

Here is that link to My eBay Store: ChooseMoose on eBay.


Let Your Primitive Irish Out This St Patrick’s Day!

by Margo on Thursday, February 19, 2009

How about some primitive shamrocks to get you going? I have a very wide variety of primitive shamrocks made up for you! Here are some examples, and take a look at the way they are displayed. You may get some primitive decorating ideas!

Or if you would rather spend your time arranging your primitive decorating display,

I hope that you got a few primitive ideas from that video!

Head on over to My eBay Store while there is still a nice variety of those shamrocks and get yours before they are picked over. They are selling like primitive hotcakes and I don’t expect them to last through the holiday.

I hope that you have a very prim St Patrick’s day. Enjoy some corned beef, cabbage, and green beer!


Primitive Easter Decorating Ideas

by Margo on Saturday, February 14, 2009

Easter will be here before you know it! You should be thinking about some ideas for primitive decorating now!

Of course you have already been collecting old boxes, baskets and bowls to start with. You could also just set some primitive eggs, bunnies, or other types of ornies on a shelf or up against something. You may even have a tree that you change with the seasons.

Spanish moss is nice for a base because it has that “prim”  look that we are after! You certainly would not want to use that bright colored grass from WalMart.

I have a few photos of some new items over at My Choose Moose eBay Store to give you some primitive ideas!



Here are some primitive bunnies. Some are big enough to be stand alone ornies and the others are a little smaller so you may want to put several together. You can just scatter some rose hips, or whatever else you have on hand around the base area. Or maybe you have an old piece of “prim” cloth or even an old place mat.





Here are some primitive Easter Eggs. These are shown as separate displays, but certainly bunnies and eggs mixed together would be a great decorating idea. I have Easter eggs that are ornies, flatties and hard, cloth wrapped. It would be perfect if you could find an old primitive Easter basket! But you can use anything that you have.

You could also use primitive old kitchen items in your display. Maybe you have some old kitchen utensils or pots and pans that would work nice. Especially if you are decorating in your kitchen.

Remember to keep your eyes open while you are out and about. Yards sales, thrift shops, second hand stores and antique stores are a get source of display material.

And don’t forget the attics, closets, and basements of your older relatives! That’s where the real treasure is. If you are old enough, you may want to look in your own storage areas!

Have fun decorating for your “Primitive Easter” and stop by   My Choose Moose eBay Store for even more ideas!


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